How to Wow Interviewers and Nail Down a Job

Interviews are our opportunities to shine. Most candidates assume this means trumpeting their own accomplishments. While it’s important to share what makes us successful, through our Morph Management Group, Inc. recruiting process, we’ve noted that candidates who put the focus on hiring managers’ needs tend to be more memorable. Here are three points to consider:

• Get Interviewers Talking About Pain Points: When we are speaking with customers through our Morph Management Group, Inc. promotional events, we’ve noted that people tend to respond more when we engage them and seek to learn what is important to them. Specifically, we want to get to the types of problems they might have so we can show them how a product could solve that issue. In an interview setting, this means eliciting company pain points from managers and empathizing with their needs.

• It’s OK to Be Humble or Humorous: An occasional appropriate joke or a bit of humility can allow a candidate to shine. It suggests that we are human and that we might be a pleasant addition to a team.

• Be Prepped: One of the first lessons we impart through our Morph Management Group, Inc. coaching model is to prepare well in advance for a presentation. With interviews, this means learning all that we can about the company so that we might speak intelligently about their business.

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