Team Member Spotlight: Tessa

Recognition is important in our Morph Management Group, Inc. culture. We enjoy opportunities to celebrate victories, whether they’re as a team or as individuals. Recently, we gave a shout out to one of our campaign managers, Tessa, whose outstanding work has earned her a moment in the spotlight.

LaToya, our Morph Management Group, Inc. President, said this of Tessa. “She has a less traditional background in that she saw an opportunity of which she truly took advantage,” LaToya said. “Her ambition is one of the reasons she excels in all that she does.”

Tessa would be best described as a take-charge type of individual. “She is willing to take initiatives and go that extra mile to make sure everything is done correctly,” said LaToya. “She is constantly putting forth effort and it does not go unnoticed.”

One of the reasons Tessa is a valuable member of the Morph Management Group, Inc. office is her positive attitude. “She is excited to put her talents to work to get results,” LaToya explained. “She uses her creativity and business skill set to communicate with everyone with whom she comes into contact. She has a great way of explaining things so people understand her message. She is also innovative and brings original ideas to the table.”

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