How to Prepare for a Winning Presentation

Like the most successful athletes, the best presenters have pregame rituals that never let them down. We’re working to improve our public speaking proficiency here at Morph Management Group, Inc., so we’ve adopted the following strategies that help us prepare to deliver memorable speeches.

Warming ourselves up physically is one thing we always do before stepping up to the podium. We do various stretching exercises to release some of the nervous energy we feel before a speech. Reaching our arms as high over our heads as possible for a few seconds is one easy technique we use to center ourselves.

We also need to warm up mentally if we’re going to make a strong impression on our listeners. Meditation has become a common practice around the Morph Management Group, Inc. office, and we use it to get ready for big presentations. We can quiet any nervousness that creeps into our minds by focusing only on our breathing for a few minutes.

Getting into the right mind-set helps us deliver speeches that resonate with audience members. We visualize a positive response to our remarks, which helps us walk onstage with confidence. By the time we begin speaking, we’re already in the zone.

We’re using these techniques to our presenting advantage. Find more of our favorite public speaking strategies by following Morph Management Group, Inc. on Twitter.