Why Patrick Is an All-Star (and You Can Be, Too)

We have some exciting news in our Morph Management Group, Inc. office. Patrick was just promoted to assistant manager. We’re all happy for him and his accomplishments.

LaToya, our Morph Management Group, Inc. President, said, “Patrick has really mastered the skills and habits necessary to be an executive manager. He built a team of 15 people and continues to show he is willing to deliver for his team daily.”

Patrick personifies our Morph Management Group, Inc. philosophy of setting people up for success. “He makes sure his people have everything they need to flourish in our industry,” LaToya stated. “He’s even invested his personal time to help his team members after hours so that they have the knowledge and inspiration to grow with our firm and in their careers.”

Our career advancement opportunities are designed especially for people like Patrick who want to embark on satisfying careers. “It’s gratifying to see Patrick and others like him who take full advantage of the resources and programs we make available to them,” LaToya stated. “From training and coaching to networking with top industry leaders and other influential executives, our people have so many options to become knowledgeable and take on any business ventures. We give them what they need to thrive.”

We often showcase our team members’ accomplishments. Check out our Newswire to see who has shined brightest next month.