Fuel Your Leadership Success by Reading These Books

Our Morph Management Group team is dedicated to lasting professional development. We want to empower our team members to become the best they can be. This includes helping them build their leadership potential. Almost all the best business leaders invest a lot of time into reading. So, here are some of the most valuable books on business for aspiring leaders:

• “Understanding The Agile Manifesto: A Brief & Bold Guide to Agile,” By Larry Apke: An agile approach to business focuses on people over processes to maintain flexibility. According to Apke, this is the key to success today. This is a great read for any leader in a talent-driven industry.

• “The Checklist Manifesto,” by Atwul Gawande: Honing your productivity will empower your lasting success. We are always on the lookout for ways to improve our workflow in the Morph Management Group office. So, Gawande’s book on the power of checklists really resonated with us.

• “The 12 Week Year,” by Brian Moran and Michael Lennington: According to Moran and Lennington, thinking too long-term causes many businesses to fall behind. In this book, they advocate planning in 12-week blocks to up the sense of urgency.

• “The Lean Brand,” by Jeremiah Gardner: Many companies have used lean production practices to increase their margins. Gardner suggests that the same idea can be used for brands. By focusing on return on investment, marketers can achieve more impact.

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