Accelerate Learning by Emphasizing Experience

A major element of the Morph Mangement Group, Inc. success strategy is empowering our people to learn. By focusing on professional growth, we ensure that our promotional specialists are always equipped to take on new challenges. We frequently use experiential learning to accelerate our team members’ professional development.

Reading and attending classes are important and play big roles in learning the theory behind a skill. However, theory alone is rarely enough to truly master something. So, it can be hugely beneficial to find ways to practice while learning. For example, we may pair new Morph Mangement Group, Inc. team members with veteran managers to learn on the job.

This importance of experiential learning comes from the way humans understand ideas. We tend to be better at grasping concepts we have experienced firsthand. This, in turn, is the result of engaging more of companies when we are doing something compared to just learning about it.

Another aspect of learning by doing is that it is difficult to avoid the results. Humans are wired to be drawn to information that fits with what we already believe. Therefore, when learning theory alone, we may avoid the parts we don’t like. However, when we try a new skill, we can do little other than accept the outcomes that resulted from our efforts, regardless of prior expectations.

Learning by doing is a useful tool. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Twitter